Domes/Floating Graphics

3D Graphics give that "Floating" Look

idproducts offers several unique solutions to enhance the look of your overlay or label. Creative die cutting, forming or embossing can distinguish your product from the rest.

Dome Labels

A cost effective and attractive way to enhance the look of your label or overlay is polyurethane doming.

Polyurethane doming can give your overlay or label a unique look. This decorative clear dome works very well for logo labels and nameplates. When selectively applied, a polyurethane dome can very effectively highlight a particular graphic. The water clear dome can protect your graphic from yellowing and can withstand continuous outdoor exposure. Domed labels are scratch resistant and, when dented, can rebound to their original shape. We use high performance adhesives that adhere well to both LSE (low surface energy) and HSE (high surface energy) surfaces.