High Performance Labels

Identification Products produces custom durable labels using 3M™ High-Performance Labels stocks. We match the appropriate 3M™ Facestock, Adhesive and Liner to meet your unique and demanding application requirements. We utilize a variety of printing and converting methods to achieve high quality graphics with precise color matching to enhance your company’s image and message. We can supply labels individually, strips, sheets, perforated and fan-folded or on rolls to add value and efficiency to your production needs.

VHB Label VHB Label VHB Label

Adhesive Selection

Product Adhesive Type Service Temp. Key Attributes Typical Applications Markets
350 Permanent High-Performance Acrylic

-40°F to 350°F
(-40°C to 177°C)

Ideal for very high bond strength to many surfaces

Most universal adhesive — ideal for powder coatings, LSE

plastics and oily metals

Excellent solvent resistance

Bond fabric or trim to window blinds

Splice aluminum coils

Bond foam insulation

Mount nameplates onaward plaques


Lawn & Garden

Energy & Electronic

P1650 Permanent Tackified Acrylic

-40°F to 302°F
(-40°C to 150°C)

High-performance adhesive

Designed for use in demanding environments, including automotive labeling applications

Good chemical and moisture resistance

Automotive underhood specifications

Chemical and moisture resistance

Thermal stability

Resistance to many automotive and industrial fluids

Medical/ Pharmaceutical
Harsh Environments
P1400 Permanent Tackified Acrylic

-20°F to 302°F
(-29°C to 150°C)

High-performance adhesive

Formulated for demanding applications

Adheres to a wide variety of substrates, including LSE plastics

UL recognized for indoor/outdoor use

Powder coats

Textured surfaces

UV and moisture resistance

Indoor/outdoor use

Lawn & Garden

Outdoor Overlaminates

Equipment & Machinery

Hand Tools & Power Tools

P1212 Permanent Acrylic

-20°F to 302°F
(-29°C to 150°C)

General purpose

Good clarity and initial tack

Excellent die-cutting properties

UL recognized for indoor use

Durable goods



Product ID

Shelf marking

UL Recognize Indoor Overlaminate

Durable Goods

Firm Adhesive for Die-Cutting

R3500 Removable Acrylic

-20°F to 155°F
(-29°C to 68°C)

Ideal for ultra-removable on smooth surfaces, such as glass, metal and plastic

Good initial tack, and longterm adhesion with clean removability

Excellent alternative to static cling

Oil change decals

Window decals

Instructional labels

Pre-mask/paint mask

POP labels

Resealable tabs




Facestock Selection

Facestock Colors Service Temp. Conformability Chemical Resistance Outdoor Durability
Polyester Clear, white, gold, silver

-40°F to 350°F
(-40°C to 150°C)

Poor Excellent Excellent
Vinyl Clear, white, translucent, yellow, black

-20°F to 140°F
(-29°C to 60°C)

Poor Fair Good
Polyethylene Clear, white, matte white

-40°F to 160°F
(-40°C to 71°C)

Good – Excellent Fair Fair
Polystyrene Clear, white, matte white

-20°F to 140°F
(-29°C to 60°C)

Poor Poor Poor
Polypropylene White, clear, matte clear, white metalized, silver, matte white

-20°F to 140°F
(-29°C to 60°C)

Fair - Good Good Fair - Good
Acetate Clear, matte clear, white

-20°F to 140°F
(-29°C to 60°C)

Poor Poor Poor
Medical Grade
Paper: 7000
White high gloss

-40°F to 250°F
(-40°C to 121°C)

Fair - Good Fair
Polymide Matte white
(DMI or TT)

-40°F to 500°F
(-40°C to 260°C)

Good Excellent Excellent
Polycarbonate Velvet clear

-40°F to 250°F
(-40°C to 121°C)

Fair Good Good
Acrylate Matte black, matte
white, gloss clear

-40°F to 392°F
(-40°C to 200°C)

530°F (277°C) for 1 min.

482°F (250°C) for 5 min.

440°F (227°C) for 60 min.

Fair - Good Good - Excellent Good - Excellent
Retro-Reflective Silver

-40°F to 300°F
(-40°C to 149°C)

Good Good Excellent
Foil Matte, brite silver

-40°F to 350°F
(-40°C to 177°C)

Fair Good Excellent
Note: This chart is a general guide. Facestock and adhesives should be tested with actual components to ensure acceptable performance. The technical information and data should be considered representative or typical only and should not be used for specification purposes.

Liner Selection

Liner Mil Thickness
40# SC/DK 2.4
44# Polykraft 3.1
43# 2.5
50# Coated, 2-sided 3.2
55# SC/DK 3.2
78# CCK 4.6
83# Laser 5.9
90# Polycoated 7.0
1.0 Polyester 1.0
1.5 Polyester 1.5
4.0 Polyester 4.0



VHB Label

Most Popular Combinations

Application Product Number Adhesive Facestock Liner Description
Powder Coated Paint 7871 350 .002 Gloss White Polyester TC 50# DK High temperature requirements,durable application
FP022102 P1480 .003 Matte White Polypropylene EDP C1S 50# SC Lower temperature requirements, non-durable application — textured
Electronics 7812 100 .003 Matte White Kapton 50# DK High temperature performance — 500°F short term
3921 150 .002 Matte White Acrylate Moderate temperature performance — up to 400°F
Automotive Underhood FM033202 P1650 .002 White Polyester TC 50# SC Designed to pass automotive underhood specs
Outdoor UL 7871 350 PET, White TC 55# DK Heavy adhesive coat weight for textured surfaces. Excellent high temperature resistance and adhesion to LSE plastics and powder coats.
7908 PET, Gloss White TC 90# PK
Indoor UL 7776 310 PP, Label-Lyte™ 55# DK Textured, chemical exposure
FM122 P1212 PET, White TC 50# SC Good intial tack. General purpose adhesive for durable goods and nameplate applications.
Removables FP0862 R3500 PP, Clear TC2S 50# SC Long term adhesion with clean removability. Excellent alternative to static cling.
FP016902 PP, White TC2S Good conformability. Good removability from a variety of surfaces. Excellent alternative to static cling.
3929 200 Silver Gloss TC 78# CCK Maximum scanning distance for bins and shelf making
Overlaminates 7735FL 400 UV Resistant Acrylate Polyester Film Five-year outdoor durability
7730FL PET, Clear NTC Non top-coated. Film liner offers excellent graphic appearance. Ideal for metallized or dark colors. Excellent durability and UV resistance.
FM01N P1212 Clear Polyester Everyday overlaminate applications
Tamper Indicating 7381 300 Gloss White Void TC 55# DK Leave-behind void
7866 .002 White Gloss Polyester – Void 50# DK
7380 Matte White Void DMI TC 55# SC Destructible for indoor applications
3812 350 Urethane, Matte White 50# SC Destructible, non-shrink white film designed as a non-removable security label. Once applied correctly, one-piece removal is not possible on most surfaces.
3929 200 .0048 Brite Silver Retro-Reflective 50# DK Maximum scanning distance for bins and shelf making
Battery FP020002 P1480 .0026 White Polypropylene T2S 50# SC Standard battery applications
FP029202 .0026 White Polypropylene TC2S
Ladder FP022102 P1480 .003 Matte White Polypropylene EDP 50# SC Aluminum, fiberglass or wood ladder applications
Cover-Up FP032302 P1655 P1655 .0023 White Metallized Polypropylene TC 50# SC Text or graphic cover-up