UL/CSA/RoHS Compliant Applications

idproducts is a leading global supplier of agency compliant labeling constructions including UL, CSA and RoHS. For over 30 years, idproducts has built a reputation for maintaining an up to date list of approved systems meeting the requirements of most labeling applications. Documentation of and adherence to these procedures are externally audited to ensure compliance and maintain certification for both commercial and consumer use. As a UL approved printer we are authorized to produce labels for UL certified products.


We also print CSA labels working within UL and CSA regulations. We can verify any existing product we produce for you for RoHS label compliance. idproducts is dedicated to providing superior quality products that meet or exceed our customers' requirements as well as government regulations.

The RoHS Directive does not apply to fixed industrial plants and tools. Compliance is the responsibility of the company that puts the product on the market. Don’t risk losing valuable customers. “Out of Compliance” could mean “Out of Business.” Please call our engineers at idproducts to learn more about how we can help you comply with RoHS now at 1-800-243-9888. PGAA.LP1653 Authorized Label Supplier

REMEMBER! idproducts inventories hundreds of cutting dies, so most every shape and size can be supplied with NO TOOLING CHARGES!

More importantly, we can deliver your order quickly.

Our refined printing processes and high quality materials will offer you peace of mind about your labels. With our rigorous standards in place you’ll find unparalleled service along with the quality you need. idproducts plus RoHS compliant means quality and safety for you and your company. We strive to be environmentally responsible by developing environmentally conscious products, manufacturing processes and recycling practices. idproducts has initiated an environmental policy to protect the environment and to conduct our operations within the electronics design and manufacturing industry in a responsible manner. Our objective is to comply with all applicable environmental legislation.

Available Substrates

Kapton® Polymide Barcode Labels

Polyester Barcode Labels

High Temperature Labels

Custom Preprinted Labels

Military Labels