Laser Marking and Fabrication

In addition to die cutting, we also offer laser cutting and laser marking. Our lasers can hold extremely tight tolerances. Laser cutting can be an excellent way to prove a design and still incorporate last minute design changes without purchasing tools. The complete fabrication of small runs, extreme rush jobs and prototypes are possible using our lasers.

Lasers are also a valuable tool when quantities are small, a change in dimensions/design is a real possibility, or when there is very little material between cutouts and puckering is an issue. The cutting/fabricating of intricate shapes that is not possible with conventional steel rule dies is another reason to consider laser technology.

For speed, accuracy, and short run projects, lasers have become an important method of fabrication.

Do you have a need to custom laser mark your products? Idproducts has the ability to meet your requirements for flat or curved surfaces. Using state of the art CO2 laser technology, we can decorate your non-ferrous and stainless steel panels and machined parts with perfect quality at a competitive price.

If you need fast turnaround with precise markings, please consider idproducts as a resource you can rely on.