PrePress / PreFlight

Our Art and Engineering department uses today's most advanced software packages. We bring the design, engineering and illustration worlds together to achieve precision and quality. Fonts, colors, vector and raster apps are all used to manufacture your overlay or label.

Our proofs are delivered directly to you via email, in color and to scale.

Adobe Illustrator | Corel Draw | Freehand | Autocad | Pro E | DXF, PRT | Adobe Photoshop | Corel Photo-Paint | JPG, TIFF, BMP, PCT

We can work with any of the above applications. Vector applications can be used for artwork. These files can be color separated and massaged for pre-press work. CAD files are also desired. With some creative computer work, we can turn these files into artwork as well. Page Layout applications can also be used for artwork but have limited capabilities. Raster files can be used for quoting purposes and, in some cases, as finished art. Much of the pre-press work would have to be completed by you, the customer.