Flat Panel Display Integration



Q-Vio is a LCD value-added display company with an extensive OEM product offering. Their foundation is built upon Sunlight Readable LED backlight display solutions and LCD integration featuring low power, thermally efficient Q-Solar displays.

Portable Media Player

Built in a class 1000 Clean Room in San Diego, California, our best in class LED backlit, sunlight readable displays are very low power and thermally optimized for fan-less design. These unique low power LCDs feature wide viewing angles, long life and extended temperature ranges in most cases.

All LEDs in our Sunlight Readable displays are:

  • Premium Luminance Ranked
  • Premium Color Bin Selected


Flat Panel Display

Featuring 14 different designs (and expanding!), Q-Vio's family of Sunlight Readable Displays will suit a wide range of applications including:

  • Industrial control display
  • Marine console monitor
  • Rugged ultra mobile PC
  • Rugged outdoor computer
  • Broadcast video monitor
  • Outdoor kiosk display
  • Avionics display
  • Rugged vehicle mounted display
  • Military display monitor