Thermal Solutions for Electronics

This range of high adhesion thin tapes offers efficient thermal transfer for a wide range of applications requiring a thermal management solution: bonding heat sinks, heat spreaders and other cooling devices to IC packages, power transistors, and other heat generating components.

3M combines high performance acrylic adhesive with highly conductive ceramic particles for an extremely reliable and user-friendly thermal interface. Highly conformable construction provides excellent wet-out on surfaces.

Avaliable in  5, 10, 15 and 20 mil thicknesses to meet application requirements. The unique 40 mil 9889FR is a highly conformable pressure-sensitive film that offers a combination of high thermal conductivity, good dielectric properties, high bond strength, and ease of use. 

These applications include:

  1. Bonding heat sinks
  2. Heat spreader
  3. Cooling devices
  4. Power transistors
Thermal Solutions

Increased wet-out improves both mechanical and thermal performance. Relative darker color indicates surface contact has occurred. Boron nitride filler appears lighter in color versus aluminum oxide filler.